Umpqua Cowen's Somethin Else
Umpqua Cowen's Somethin Else

Umpqua Cowen's Somethin Else

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"When you take a look at a Somethin’ Else fly at first glance you’d think that it is merely a super small Clouser minnow. And the truth is, IT IS! However the Somethin’ Else is a lot more than just a small Clouser minnow.

The secret to the fly is its breathability as well as the magic juju (Fluro Fiber in fluorescent pink). The key to fishing this fly is to make sure you make some short quick strips followed by a three second pause. You will get the eat nearly every time on the pause (while the fly is free falling). Folks have been fishing it from California to Texas and Arkansas to Pennsylvania and everywhere in between!

The emails and texts I get to its success is astounding. So simple yet incredibly effective…"

- Signature Tyer Henry Cowen

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