Mustad Addicted Trout Float
Mustad Addicted Trout Float
Mustad Addicted Trout Float

Mustad Addicted Trout Float

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Finally, we have a Trout Edition of our popular fixed float system. Just like our steelhead version, this float  is meant to fish multiple presentations, from nightcrawlers to jigs and everything in between. This will be the last trout float you need! 

This is not just float, it's a perfectly balanced system. Handmade from perfectly balanced balsa wood, the craftsmanship and sensitivity of this float is unmatched. We created this float to track perfectly in the water while still giving you the needed sensitivity and pull down resistance to catch fish! If you're using a foam or plastic float and the fish decides to take your bait, but instantly feels resistance, they will drop the bait and swim away. If you're using a balsa float weighted correctly, your chances of getting that fish to take your bait and actually sink the float without detection are now much better. You will get a better chance to set the hook and catch the fish! 

The float comes pre-weighted with an internal weighting system as well as a keeper tube through the side of the float. This tube allows you to thread your line through the float and keep it safe from flying off into the water if your surgical tubing breaks! Below is the breakdown of our preferred methods of fishing it. 

  • 2 weights, you can fish nightcrawlers or other light baits (Use split shots down the line.) 
  • 2 weights you can fish 1/32 and 1/16th oz jigs or other artificial baits perfectly 
  • 1 weight - No Weights, you can fish heavier baits or lures. 
The fun part about this float is playing around with different weight and lure combinations until you get what you like. Sometimes you want the float more buoyant using it in faster or more turbid water, in this scenario use less weight. If you want it more sensitive and sitting lower in the water, fish it with more weight. When fished without weights this float system will allow you to fish  about any type of water. The weights included are the key to matching your water conditions. Is it super windy or you need increased float sensitivity, just add weights to the float. This will help your casting ability as well as detecting bites other floats won't register. The Mustad Addicted Float will be the last fixed float you'll ever need! 

  • One Premium Addicted Balsa Float 
  • Two External Brass Weights 
  • Two Weight Hold O-Rings 
  • Four Black Surgical Tubes Pieces  


  • Handmade 
  • Sensitive Durable Balsa 
  • Hardshell Durable Paint 
  • Internal Balance Weight
  • Line Through Keeper Tube 
  • Available with Pink Tops or Chartreuse Tops 

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