Monic Striper Elite Intermediate - Long Taper
Monic Striper Elite Intermediate - Long Taper

Monic Striper Elite Intermediate - Long Taper

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Line Description

Weight Forward - Intermediate sink 1.5-2ips 

The head has been designed with density compensation, meaning as you move up the front taper and into the belly, the line becomes gradually less dense. This puts the very tip of your fly line the deepest in the water column, improving strike detection, and keeping the belly portion out of the fishing zone.

Field Testing Results:

"After having the lines on my guide rods for a few seasons I can say that they have seen 250 days of use and I’m blown away on how well they perform. The lines still pretty much fish like brand new lines!! Performance wise Monic took the time to test this line and got it right. The grain weights match up well on many different rods and I really never felt a line that feels more connected to a hook set than Monic." - Capt. Eric Wallace (


The Striper Long taper gives the angler the perfect mix of accuracy paired with the aggressiveness to combat high wind conditions and deliver long pinpoint casts. The front end of the taper has a gradual step up, which allows for delicate presentations without slapping down to the water. This front taper then steps up into the heaviest part of the line 10ft back which allows for powerful casts that will turn over and punch through the wind. Having this paired with a more elongated belly and gradual rear taper this line will still shoot line effortlessly but will allow you to carry line for longer casts with ease. The longer overall head design also makes it much easier to pick up more line off the water and shoot right back out, for more shots on moving fish. 


The Striper series of lines uses our new semi-stiff low-stretch saltwater core. The minimal stretch allows for excellent sensitivity and powerful hook-sets while still allowing to anneal/straighten the line easily with a simple hand stretch. This added stiffness will also help retain the character of the line in extreme heat.


The Striper lines use our advanced STS coating system. With its game changing slickness formula uniformly built into the coating, the slick properties will never wear off, maintaining that superb line shooting ability. STS also reduces salt build-up, extending maximum performance in between cleanings. You will notice a slight color change in this line, as the front head is colored with a muted blue that will still be unobtrusive and not stand out in the water, with the rear taper and running line transition into a greyish/black color. This color transition will help the angler see when to pick up their line and make a recast when the front head is back to the rod tip. 

Line Weights 

All Striper lines are weighted a full-size heavy for AFFTA standards. This is to help better load the faster action rods and give you the punching power you will need when fishing for Stripers off the coast or from shore. You can see the weight ranges in the chart pictured here (weights are measured from the first 30 ft of the head).

We always suggest to our customers, if there is a specific line you have enjoyed in the past and how it loaded your rod, take a minute to look up the weight designation for the first 30 ft and match that weight to the size of the Monic line you are interested in. If you would like help matching a given Monic line to your rod, reach out to us at anytime. We will do our absolute best to get you fitted with the perfect line for your fishing scenario. 

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