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WHY Formula X2

Formula X2 Corp. is the manufacturer of Formula X2 fuel additive here in the USA. We are very proud of the results that we are getting every day. Formula X2 is base out of Waterloo Motors located in Warrenton, VA with distributors all across the Mid-Atlantic states. Formula X2 has been in the market for more than 30 years and now, with a new attitude and more aggressive marketing, we are introducing Formula X2 to the Marine Industry, Heavy Machinery, Electricity Generation Industry, etc… making this brand the leading product in the Fuel-Additive Industry. It really works!!!

Formula X2 is a emulsifier that breaks down the water molecules and separates the Hydrogen from the Oxygen in a cold chemical and physical reaction. The Oxygen is release to the atmosphere and the Hydrogen fuses together with the Hydrogen in the Fuel (All Petroleum fuel are Hydrogen base). This reaction is why there is no more water in the fuel. Once you break the water molecule there is no more water, just the two elements.

Formula X2 will clean and protect all the fuel system by chemicals that are the base for most detergents. It cleans and protects from the ethanol damages. We don’t use solvents in our formula, to clean the fuel systems. This detergents in Formula X2 make possible to prevent bacterial growth and algae in Diesel fuels, dissolving them to 5 micron or less.  This will prevent the clogging of the fuel filter prematurely. Making Formula X2 in one product capable in dealing with all major problems in our Fuels today.

Look for our ads in Prop Talk Magazine, Fish Talk Magazine, Chesapeake Bay Magazine.

Fish Talk Magazine Puts Formula X2 to the Test


Formula X2 is the only fuel-additive that it is GUARANTEED to work! Removes 100% of water from gas and diesel tanks, prevents rust and corrosion inside tanks, cleans injectors and is the only product on the market that will work and protect against 100% of ethanol damage in your fuel system. Formula X2 is also Guaranteed to… Prevent Ethanol Damage, Prevent Phase Separation, Prevent Rust & Corrosion, Prevent Bacteria & Algae Growth,  Prolong Fuel Injector Life, Clean Your Fuel System, Remove Sludge, Decrease Maintenance and Improve Performance. OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!!

Formula X2 is an EPA Registered Brand

Formula X2 is compatible with all grades of gasoline, ethanol blends, diesel engines and 2 & 4 stroke engines. Including Boats, Cars, Trucks, Tractor Trailers, Motorcycles, Jet Ski’s, Snow Mobiles, Four Wheelers, Lawn Equipment, and Heavy Machinery.

Motorcycles & Small Engine Equipment:
First time use: add 2oz to full tank
Maintenance: add 1oz every time you fill up

Gas Engines, Cars, Large Vehicles & Light Trucks:
First time use: add 8oz before refueling
Maintenance: add 2oz every time you fill up

Diesel Engines, Boats & Heavy Machinery:
Maintenance: add 8oz every 128 gallons of diesel
Product Size
Gallons Treated
2oz Bottle
32 Gallons
8oz Bottle
128 Gallons
16oz Bottle
256 Gallons
32oz Jug
512 Gallons
128oz Jug
2,048 Gallons
55 Gallon Drum
112,640 Gallons

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