Doug Swisher's Gator Hair

Doug Swisher's Gator Hair

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I searched all over the country trying to find the best possible hair to use in a Dubbing Machine and finally found it right here in the Everglades.

Most materials were either too stiff, too flexible, too fragile or too hard to use, but 'Gator Hair has the perfect blend of properties. It comes in great colors, swims beautiful in the water, has natural sheen and best of all, makes gorgeous brushes for Trout, Bass, Saltwater, Steelhead and Salmon Flies as well as works great for just making streamer tails for Freshwater, Saltwater, Pike, Musky's and Steelhead.

Another very important characteristic of 'Gator Hair is that it displays a perfect balance of toughness and slickness. It can stand up to the abrasion of wire brushing process and is just slippery enough so that any trapped fibers can easily be combed out. 'Gator Hairs' 10 inch length allows you to create everything from a tiny trout nymph to a giant tarpon fly. We use Gator Hair in our Rub-A-Dub Streamers.

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