Diamondback Aeroflex Saltwater Fly Rod
Diamondback Aeroflex Saltwater Fly Rod
Diamondback Aeroflex Saltwater Fly Rod

Diamondback Aeroflex Saltwater Fly Rod

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Diamondback's new Aeroflex Salt rods are a carefully crafted series of high performance fly rods (7-11wt) developed over two full years of our fishing-focused design process. Aeroflex Salt rod designs feature actions driven by an acute awareness of popular lines, leaders, fly patterns, and fishing styles commonly associated with each line weight. That means having the right amount of tip power to quickly form a loop and turn over your leader making a quick cast with a weighted crab at a target in the wind. Or having the proper wall thickness and material composition and guide placement to not fail when that big albie is digging under the boat in 3-5' waves as a fall storm is moving up the coast. Great fishing rods must incorporate durability with performance, and Aeroflex Salt rods have optimal material choices combined with unique expansion concepts that allow for a lightweight product with incredible performance and outstanding durability.

Each Aeroflex Salt model has a different blend of carbon fibers, with an increasing presence of S-Glass in the lower sections of the larger models 9-11wt for lifting strength. Rods feature carefully selected premium oversize black anodized snake guides with SeaGuide Titanium frame steep angled dual foot stripping guides, with optimal guide placement and wrap strategies to reinforce strength and durability.

7wt - Great light saltwater, streamer, and mousing rod. 200 grain target load window
8wt - Super versatile and capable line weight for a wide range of applications. 250 grain sinking and intermediate target load window
9wt - Backbone for Permit, False Albacore, big Stripers, light Tarpon, etc. 300 grain sinking and intermediate target load window
10wt - Serious backbone to handle bigger saltwater fish, combat heavier wind. Good tip power for Pike. 350 grain sinking and intermediate target load window
11wt - A big 11 with plenty of S-Glass built into the bottom two sections to reinforce lifting power and durability. GTs, big Tarpon, football Bluefin Tuna, big fall Musky. Tip power to turn over a big predator fly, but smooth enough to control a small tarpon fly. 400 grain sinking and intermediate target load window


  • Iridescent dark emerald green rod finish
  • Flor-grade Full Wells grips, with tough black EVA foam bottomed fighting butts
  • Sturdy dual-locking matte black anodized aluminum reel seats
  • Titanium frame SiC insert steep angled SeaGuide premium stripping guides
  • Oversize anodized black snake guides and tip top

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