Dave Skok Boyle's Albie Fly
Dave Skok Boyle's Albie Fly
Dave Skok Boyle's Albie Fly

Dave Skok Boyle's Albie Fly

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From Dave: Jamie Boyle's flashy little E-Z Body albie fly was inspired by the late Jack Gartside's Corsair minnow imitations. It never fouls and lands like a feather. They measure just shy of 3" (7.5cm) and come with mixed Flashabou tails and an epoxy head on a trustworthy #4 TMC 800S hook. Feel free to trim or thin the tail when the fish are being picky due to tiny bait or extra-calm conditions. Good for many species: false albacore, Atlantic bonito, Spanish macks, stripers, snook, jacks and just about anything else that preys on small minnows.

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Flies - Tied Locally by Dave Skok

Professional fly tier Dave Skok (pronounced "Skoke") has made a name for himself creating innovative saltwater flies for fisherman on the East Coast of North America, and all over the world really. At this point, he is concentrating on fishing and photography, but he still wraps bugs for us here at the Den. The "fly of the month" patterns are posted til we sell out, and NO, we cannot re-order more. We have some of Dave's contract patterns (his designs produced by Umpqua) posted on other pages.

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