Scott Fly Rods Swing Rod
Scott Fly Rods Swing Rod
Scott Fly Rods Swing Rod
Scott Fly Rods Swing Rod
Scott Fly Rods Swing Rod
Scott Fly Rods Swing Rod

Scott Fly Rods Swing Rod

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To catch steelhead and salmon, you need to swim the fly at the right angle, the right depth, and the right speed. The right rod can help solve that puzzle.

But these are the fish of a thousand casts, so preferences also play a big role. You can fish the same fish in the same water with a single hander, a short two hander, or the very longest rods. You can fish floating line, sinking line, dry flies, wet flies, traditional swing, riffle hitch, nymph and indicator. Long belly, Skagit, Scandi. The variations are endless. We get it, so we made a series of rods that satisfy your every preference.

Swing rods were meticulously developed and are loaded with technology and attention to detail to meet those demands.

Fished and tested by professional anglers and expert casters from Alaska to the Great Lakes, from Canada to Norway, and from the Pacific Northwest to the Northeast, we left no stone unturned making sure each rod was fine-tuned for its intended purpose.

Swing rods feature progressive loading actions, fast recovery speed, directional stability, and a light in hand feel, from combining finely tuned new tapers with our multi-directional, multi-modulus layups, ARC2 reinforcement, Carbon Link resin system, and the very finest components.

Breakthrough components include new titanium tangle-free stripping guides with Silicon Nitride inserts that allow casts to shoot further and help prevent tangles in mono or braid running lines. Snake Brand Universal snake guides grace the rest of the rod to round out the guide set.

We also designed a new fully milled aluminum reel seat with aggressive threads for operating with cold hands, type 3 hard coat, and specially milled reel foot pockets that securely hold current performance reels and most vintage reel feet. All new front and rear grip designs turned from Flor grade cork ensure comfort, feel, and longevity.

Like all Scott fly rods, Swing rods are hand-crafted, one at a time, in Montrose, Colorado.

Single Handed Rods- Sometimes the fishing, or your preferences, just call for a single hander. These are also the finest general streamer rods we make.

11'8" Double Handed Rods- Short and light rods- Exceptionally light in hand and scaled for smaller fish and more intimate waters. Great with both compact and standard length heads, these rods are a pure joy to fish.

12'8" Double Handed Rods- All around rods- High performance with most line types, these rods are light in hand, can fish from short to long distances, and provide great line control.

13'8" and 14'8" Double Handed Long Rods- Perfect for longer bellies, the furthest distances, and most line control.

14'1" and 15'1" Double Handed Viking Rods- These Scandinavian style rods are faster in action than the long rods above. They are very light in hand for their length and line weight, and they produce very tight loops and high line speeds.


987-4, 9'8" 7wt 4pc - Light 180, Heavy 240, Single Handed

Perfect when the species or water call for a single hander, especially when deploying techniques like nymph and indicator, or micro-tube riffle hitching. This is also one of our all time favorite streamer rods for any species.

This is a great all-rounder for destinations like Alaska or Iceland.

988-4, 9'8" 8wt 4pc - Light 210, Heavy 280, Single Handed 

Yep, you’re in the lineup bombing bead chain eye flies to the opposite bank on sinking shooting heads, settling in for the swing, and waiting for a sea fresh chromer to tug on the line. This rod will cast a shooting head a country mile. It also excels for targeting big steelhead or salmon in tight quarters rivers like some found in SE Alaska, Great Lakes region, or Norway.

It’s our top choice for a dedicated silver salmon rod, handling both top water and sunken flies with ease.

1184-4, 11'8" 4wt 4pc - Light 270, Heavy 325, Double handed

When you have the urge to Swing but the fish just aren’t that big, this is your rod. We nicknamed it the Half-pounder. Perfect for summer fish on the Klamath or grilse the world over. Great with floating or short sinking tip set ups, this rod allows you to deploy all techniques but is scaled to maximize the fun of smaller specimens in the water.

It’s also a great rod for targeting trout or the smaller salmon species like pinks with a two hander.

1186-4, 11'8" 6wt 4pc - Light 375, Heavy 450, Double handed

Pure fun. This rod excels at all techniques in waters where shorter heads and casting distances are called for and fish are of average size. It’s super light in hand and transmits a ton of feel but maintains a high level of stability when changing casting direction or using sinking tips.

1286-4, 12'8" 6wt 4pc - Light 375, Heavy 450, Double handed

As sweet as candy and as smooth as butter. Super versatile and fun to fish, our pick when wanting to fish on the lighter side or targeting smaller to mid-sized fish.

1287-4, 12'8" 7wt 4pc - Light 450, Heavy 525, Double handed

The rod that just might provide the greatest versatility and enjoyment most often when pursuing most steelhead and salmon. This rod is great with both floating and sinking lines, short to long bellies, short to long distance casts, and average sized fish.

1288-4, 12'8" 8wt 4pc - Light 525, Heavy 575, Double handed

Great rod for coastal winter run steelhead or Great Lakes chromers in the Fall. This rod really launches a Skagit head with T-14 or T-18 tips and can turn fish on a dime. It’s also our choice for salmon in smaller rivers.

12810-4, 12'8" 10wt 4pc - Light  650, Heavy 725, Double handed

We nicknamed this one the King Slayer. Perfect for tide water King salmon, or giant Atlantic and Baltic salmon in tighter quarter rivers. If you’re into targeting the largest salmon on two handers, this is the rod.

1387-4, 13'8" 7wt 4pc - Light 450, Heavy 525, Double handed

While this rod casts shorter heads and sink tips with grace and ease, it’s our number one choice when choosing a longer belly line and making long-distance tight loop casts. A perfect rod for most of B.C. and most Atlantic salmon.

14810-4, 14'8" 10wt 4pc - Light 650, Heavy 725, Double handed

Clearwater, Skeena, Gaula, anywhere you fish big water for big fish. Massive casts and incredible line control give you the ability to fish the furthest seams and lies. Powerful butt sections let you turn heavy fish in heavy currents.

1419-4, 14'1" 9wt 4pc - Light 575, Heavy 650, Double handed Viking

The do-it-all Scandi rod. A joy to cast and fish due to it’s light in hand feel, easy of casting, and incredible line speed. Conquer fish the world over with this rod.

15110-4, 15'1" 10wt 4pc - Light 650, Heavy 725, Double handed Viking

When your fishing calls for 700 grains or more, and you need to make the longest casts in search of mythical fish, this is your rod.

16110-4, 16'1" 10wt 4pc - Light 650, Heavy 725, Double handed Viking

Like it’s younger sibling above but with a touch of extra line control, and ease of fishing even longer belly lines. Our pick for fishing the biggest waters for the biggest fish.

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