Rising Rigging Station
Rising Rigging Station

Rising Rigging Station

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We designed the Rigging Station to make the experience of fishing out of a pontoon, drift boat, kayak, raft, float tube, or skiff easier and therefore more enjoyable: keeps your tippet, nippa, floatants, pliers, and assorted flies in one secure, accessible area.

Before we built the rigging station, we kept hearing from industry pros and casual anglers alike that they were frustrated with the best way to carry these essentials in a drift boat or pontoon –  The lanyard was effective at keeping floatant, tippet, nipper,  and hemostats close at hand – but after a couple of hours the stuff dangling around your neck gets annoying, and lanyards hung over coolers or seats inevitably fall to the bottom of the boat.  Same thing with a chest pack, vest, or any other type of bag you wear. The gear bag was effective at storing numerous fly boxes and all the tippet, tools, and accessories one had – but the capacity came at the price of eating up space in the boat, and having no easy work area to fix lines and change flies. The Tupperware glued to the top of a cooler was effective at keeping all this little gear in one easily accessible space – but the contents were not organized, and it was hard to work from.

We took the best attributes of the above products and molded them into a compact, polycarbonate wonder that can be located anywhere one wishes on a watercraft. The mounting bracket comes from our shop with strong 3M adhesive, though there are also slots for bolting or screwing the bracket wherever makes it most convenient.  The best $45 investment you could make in your boat. …or in the back of your truck.

  • Made in the USA!
  • Dimensions: 6″ x 5.5″ x 3″
  • Weight: 0.80 lbs


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