RIO Products Level "T" Welding Tubing Pack

RIO Products Level "T" Welding Tubing Pack

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RIO Welding Tubing compliments the InTouchlevel "T" sinking material, allowing anglers andfly shops to customize the length of each sinktip by welding a loop in the end. The Level "T"Welding Tubing is a heat-shrink tubing that sitsover a doubled-back fly line to allow for an easywelded loop to be performed. There are two sizesof tubing available, "Regular" and "Large".

The Regular tubing has an internal diameterof 1/16th of an inch and is great for T11 andsmaller, while the Large tubing has an internaldiameter of 3/32nds of an inch, and best for T14and larger. Both tubes shrink to approximately50% of their original size.

Both sizes of tube are available in two quantities:The "Pack" has 20 pieces of 6" tubing, while the"Bulk" pack contains a 50 ft coil of tubing.RIO's heat shrink welding tubing enables anglers to quickly and easily weld loops in the ends of InTouch Level T sinking material.

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