Beulah G2 Platinum Single Hand Rod
Beulah G2 Platinum Single Hand Rod
Beulah G2 Platinum Single Hand Rod
Beulah G2 Platinum Single Hand Rod
Beulah G2 Platinum Single Hand Rod
Beulah G2 Platinum Single Hand Rod

Beulah G2 Platinum Single Hand Rod

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Whether a fly rod is constructed with bamboo, fiberglass, or graphite, the most important attributes of a great trout rod are sensitivity, responsiveness, and accuracy. While the fly rod’s taper determines the latter qualities, the materials largely determine the strength and weight. The Platinum G2 Single Hand Series combines the most advanced graphite materials with our new graphene resin. This state of the art composite allows us to produce an incredibly light and strong fly rod with all of the “sweet” casting characteristics that Beulah is known for.

The Beulah Platinum G2 Series rods are constructed using state of the art Graphene material, AAAA Cork grips with burl inlays, wood burl insert on reel seats, solid titanium stripper guides, and industries finest Snake brand* guides.

Line Weight Length (ft) Physical Weight (oz) Action Blank Color Sections
3 10’8″ 2.9 Tip Flex Black Iris 4
4 8’8″ 2.6 Med-Fast Black Iris 4
5 9’0″ 2.8 Med-Fast Black Iris 4
6 9’6″ 3.2 Fast Black Iris 4


 3 Wt. Euro nymphing has emerged in recent years as the dominant form of catching high numbers of trout in close quarters. By maintaining a direct contact with the fly and avoiding the plop and splash of a mended bobber, Euro nymphers have taken the lethality of subsurface fishing to a whole new level. At 10’8”, our Platinum G2 Euro nymphing rod gives you the reach to keep your flies perfectly at trout level, whether that’s one foot deep or ten. It’s a 3-weight rod that bends deeply, absorbing the rapid hook sets of Euro nymphing while protecting light tippets. Like the Euro nymphing technique, this is an ultra modern rod, with titanium stripping guides and state of the art, perfectly circular and low-profile snake guides. The extreme lightness and sensitivity of graphene allow you to go the whole day with your rod held high, or bent. To the last detail, this is a nymphing rod that will rack up numbers, and do it in classic Beulah style.
4 Wt. Like a well-balanced knife, the Platinum G2 4-weight just feels right in your hand as you slice tight and accurate loops through the air. A nine foot 4-weight will get the job done, but by trimming off four inches we have created a more natural and precise tool for delivering dry flies on spring creeks, tailwaters, and farm ponds. Our 8’8” G2 4-weight is designed as an ultra-smooth dry fly rod, but it works equally well for simply casting over and over again out of pure enjoyment. It’s everything a 4-weight should be.

5 Wt. Crisp yet smooth, the Beulah Platinum G2 5-weight can do it all in the world of trout, and then some. While our vision of bliss is casting bushy dry flies in the tall grass as salmon flies climb up our waders, for some it might be slinging streamers under fallen logs, or sending a double nymph rig over a drop off. For all of the above, our utmost goal was to build a 9’0” 5-weight that you’d want to reach for no matter the situation. Instead of making five different 5-weights for every conceivable application, we focused on the most important model, building in delicate precision as well as power, a combination that’s up to the task anywhere in the world of trout.

6 Wt. You’re blindfolded and placed in a body of freshwater somewhere in the world. There could be six inch brookies, could be 15 pound sea-run brown trout. Pondering the possibilities, we would reach for our Platinum G2 9’6” 6-weight. It’s a supremely versatile streamer rod, powerful yet sensitive, with legitimate applications for smaller bonefish, sea run cutthroat and schoolie striped bass as well. An extra six inches help keep your line off the water and out of the grass or barnacles behind you. Our Platinum G2 6-weight wouldn’t be a Beulah without soul, something that we haven’t forgotten even as we’ve taken it to the next technological level with lighter and stronger graphene blanks. We’ve designed this rod right at the intersection of lightness and power. Less friction on the guides. Less weight. More fun. 

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