C&F Design Spare Threaders

C&F Design Spare Threaders

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Threader for threading the tippet through the eye of the fly.
This tool is useful when the field is dim and it is difficult to see the fly's eye, or when you cannot see the small fly's eye due to presbyopia.
[CFA-40] 3-in-1 tweezers and [CFA-43] 3-in-1 clippers are equipped with the "Threader Holder" as standard equipment for convenient portability.
It is recommended that flies that are used frequently or evening rises are set in the Spare Threader_Long in advance.

●Standard (Blue): #16-#19/5X-7X
●Midge (Pink): #20-#26/7X-8X
●Ultra Midge (Red) : #24-#32/8X-10X
●When the fly is hard to see in the evening, or anglers with presbyopia, passing the tippet through the eye is no longer pain.
●The color of the sticker is different for each size, so please be sure to check when purchasing.
●Be sure to use a threader that matches the hook size and tippet.

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