Tying a Surf Candy Style Fly Using The "Gloop & Sculpt Method" w Just 1 Coat of Resin.

An updated way of tying a classic North East surf fly.  First tied by Bob Popovics decades ago, this durable baitfish imitation has become a go-to fly around selective Striped Bass, Albies and anything else that forages on small baitfish.  Here Anthony shows us how his Gloop & Sculpt method can be utilized to shape a perfectly smooth, thick, and shiny head with very little effort.

Materials Used

Mustad C77 SAP 2/0 Hooks

Bill's Bodi Braid (Pearly Silver & Gold)

Krystal Flash (Olive)

Faux Bucktail

Danville Mono Thread

Solarez Thick Hard Resin

Solarez High Output UVa Flashlight

Flat Stick On Eyes

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