Varivas 2610ST-V Saltwater Hooks

Varivas 2610ST-V Saltwater Hooks

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Heavy Stainless Wire, Wide Gape, Extra-Sharp V-CUT Point, Straight Eye.

4X Long,  4X Heavy

Varivas 2610ST-V Haken

The special shape of this hook makes it one of the best saltwater hooks in the world. Countless guides swear by the shorter version, the Varivas 2600-V, especially on tarpon. And now there is the VArivas 2610-V, a longer version of the 2600. The combination of wire strength (Strong "Stainless" wire), shape (long shank, wide hook opening and straight eye), weight and the extra sharp V-Cut hook point make this hook an absolutely safe grab.
Anyone who has ever fished for tarpon is well aware that a hook-up is just a hook-up and a landing is often far away after all, with this hook it is different.

The Varivas 2610 ST-V Hook is a particularly strong saltwater hook, which is ideally suited for tying saltwater streamers such as the Surf Candy due to its long shank. The stainless steel is very strong and durable, which means the extra sharp point is not only sharp after a fish, but always.

Not without reason, the 2610-V as well as its shorter brother the 2600-V are on of the best saltwater hooks on the market!


  • Extra strong saltwater hook from Varivas.
  • Perfect for tying saltwater flies like the Surf Candy
  • Straight eye, long shank and extra sharp point
  • V-Cut point
  • Extra strong hook made of stainless steel
  • Contents: 12 pieces per package

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